Who We Are

Not all search engine optimizations are created equal. We know this because, as a publisher of some of the most successful luxury online publications in the world, we hired many SEO firms. Respectfully, most of them stank and their results never lived up to the pre-contract hype. With us competing with multi-billion-dollar publishing companies that own magazine titles that date back sixty years and that get highly trusted linkbacks from their own sister magazines, we knew we needed something more powerful in terms of SEO. That's why we started our own firm – 90210 SEO.

We work with, learn from and practice white hat SEO from the best names in the business. Eric Ward (aka: "Link Moses") consults with us on the best practices for link building. Ted Ulle (aka: Tedster from WebmasterWorld) consults with us on the most sophisticated issues on complex SEO problems, such as sites that got hurt by updates like Google's Panda.

The results? HomeTheaterReview.com, our main title, has over 300,000 monthly readers (source: Google Analytics). AudiophileReview.com, our new enthusiast audiophile blog, is nearly double the monthly readership of our best competitor in print. Our long tail rules. We have enough authority to have our "rich snippet" star ratings to show in the Google organic results, while at the same time, our authors get their images attached with the SERPs.

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Jerry Del Colliano - PresidentIf you would like to talk about SEO with us – give a call to our West Los Angeles offices (yes, we moved from Beverly Hills, but kept the 90210 name; we know, we know of our parent company, Luxury Publishing Group Inc. and HomeTheaterReview.com) at 310.860.9988 or email Jerry Del Colliano about your project.

Quick Facts

90210 SEO isn't for everyone. We are a boutique firm. We don't charge five-figure agency rates per month, but we don't work for $1,000 per month SEO fees either.

Here are some facts about us: