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SEO done right and ethically takes time, effort and investment. Clients following our guidance get more traffic, more engagement, and ultimately more sales.

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Link Building

User Engagement



Core Seo Concepts

There is so much to know about well-done SEO. Here are some of the key topics to review. We are always around to help you dig deeper into any number of these concepts, based on the needs of your specific project. Call or email any time…

Incoming Links

No one element can increase your SEO results more than incoming “juiced” and “trusted” links from other sites. How do you get them? We’ve got the “White Hat” strategies for you.

User Engagement

Google actually wants you to forget about links. That ain’t happening but we do agree that improving your user engagement – be it bounce rate, time-on-site and beyond – is key to your pending SEO success.

Site Health

We aim from the start to get your site performing at its best. We help you fix broken links, broken images, bad references, and so much more. The industry-leading tools that we use will rate your site on a 1 to 100 score. When we are done, your score will be high!

Site Speed

Google hates slow websites. We hate slow websites. You hate slow websites. We will give you any number of easy-to-accomplish solutions that will get your site meeting Google’s increasingly high standards for site speed – especially on mobile devices.

Desired Search Terms

We have creative ways to get empirical data on what terms you think are best for your project, as well as ones that might perform surprisingly well.

Keeping Up with the Joneses

No one element can increase your SEO results more than incoming “juiced” and “trusted” links from other sites. How do you get them? We’ve got the “White Hat” strategies for you.


If your site doesn’t function perfectly on a tablet or smart phone, then you are hosed. We will get you rocking mobile from the early goings, so more than 50 percent of your traffic will be able to get a first-class experience right in their hands, anytime or anywhere on the planet.

Social Media

We can give you some tips on how to use social media to drive more traffic to your online property in a way that is affordable and easy to do (and fun).

Online Brand Reputation Management

Reviews matter. We help our clients make sure that their online reputation matches their stellar reputation in the physical world. These easy-to-do tasks are simple but extremely valuable to any site looking to improve SEO results.

Advanced Analytics

We use very advanced tools to help our clients reach their SEO goals. These will be in effect on your project as soon as you sign on, and can track your progress as we work together.


Gene Dela Salla


Jerry Del Colliano and I were friendly competitors in the specialty audio/video and home theater publishing business dating back to the mid-1990s. I watched him sell his publications over the years and, after his last sale in late 2019, he and I started working more closely together.

I learned a LOT about how search engine optimization works, and how it can benefit a publication like Audioholics.com big-time! With 20-plus years of content, there are all sorts of housekeeping issues that, when done right, can make your traffic shoot up. Jerry and his team taught us new ways to get much better user engagement. We learned how to ‘fly above’ Google updates in ways we couldn’t do on our own. They taught us how AI was impacting the use of images on our network of sites. So many things we’ve learned.

We are glad to call 90210SEO.com a consulting partner and we recommend them VERY HIGHLY.

Ethan Siege OrbAudio
Marketing Manager


90210 SEO is our company’s favorite consultant. We ALWAYS learn something when we speak with them. They are experts at the under the hood stuff, and it works. They have given great advice that has really helped our business, and their SEO knowledge is beyond compare. Looking for good SEO consultants who do it the right way can be very challenging. If you have come across these guys, you have found what you are looking for.

Managing Partner – Owner


Jerry and 90210SEO.com were key partners in helping BathVanityExperts.com grow over more than 10 years. They helped us avoid issues with the countless Google algorithm updates. They taught us how to improve our many e-commerce pages so they converted better. They were specifically helpful with both building incoming links as well as disavowing some weird ones.

Without question: there are firms that you can hire for less money to do your SEO. We know because we’ve hired them and they are a waste of money. If you are looking for fairly priced, proven SEO – I recommend 90210SEO.com enthusiastically.

Case Studies


FutureAudiophile.com is the fastest growing publication in specialty consumer electronics today. 90210SEO.com has worked from day one to take this site that reviews high performance stereo and audiophile equipment from a 0/100 for domain rank on SEO tool AHREFS.com to a 65/100 in a mere three months. In a mere nine months, FutureAudiophile.com has a readership of 30,000 readers per month (more than 50 percent above its competitors that have been publishing for more than 50 years), almost 10,000 Facebook fans, 21,000 opt-in email names and a powerful long tail SEO reach. This site is generating mid-six-figures income yearly long before its first birthday mainly thanks to superior SEO – specifically excellence in link building. 


Audiophile dealers and stereo stores are a sweet-spot for 90210SEO.com as we actually own SEO assets that can change an audio-video dealer’s outlook in a matter of days. JaguarAudio.com was an online retailer with a 4.6/100 domain rank on AHREFS.com when we started. 72 hours and about four powerful links later, the site was a 38/100. This isn’t the first AV dealer that we’ve been able to really help and help very quickly. 


OrbAudio.com is one of the original e-commerce players in the online audio/video space. On a multiple project basis, we helped them work on their online reviews and improve their under-the-hood performance, as well as incoming link quality, resulting in a big jump in sales, and organic SEO results that are tough to get in the speaker business, paired with thousands of 5-star online reviews.


Chris Cortazzo is the unquestionable king of Malibu residential real estate with sales nearing one billion annually these days. The problem was: Google didn’t see him this way when we started on the project. They had him listed on the third page for “Malibu Real Estate Agent” which was his most powerful keyword for finding new clients and real estate listings. Within a few short months, Chris was where he belonged thus at the top of terms like “Malibu Real Estate Agent” and “Malibu Real Estate”. Years later now, Chris is still ranking at the top for his best search terms. 


Jade is the Beverly Hills version of Chris Cortazzo, and the two work very closely together as nationally-ranked, top residential real estate agents. Jade was coming up on the second page of Google for “Beverly Hills Real Estate Agent,” with some significant competition from agents who sold tens of millions less (per year) of homes. Within a few short months, she was off the second page and rocking Number One positions. Years after our successful campaign, Jade is putting up record sales as one of the elite top residential real estate agents in the nation, while still enjoying premium-level organic SEO results.


Bath Vanity Experts is one of our most successful e-commerce SEO clients. E-commerce can be tricky in terms of SEO, but we found ways to drastically improve site speed, repair site issues, and get high-value, highly trusted, highly “juiced” incoming links for BVE that created a positive sales response.


HomeTheaterReview.com was started by 90210SEO.com founder, Jerry Del Colliano, in 2008 after selling his first group of audio-video publications to the then publicly traded, Internet Brands (INET on the NASDAQ). In 11 years, HomeTheaterReview.com became the leading review publication in the world of consumer electronics besting the likes of Home Theater Magazine, Sound + Vision Magazine and many others. “Link Moses” (aka: Eric Ward or the guy who taught Jeff Bezos how to build links) helped Jerry learn how to get high value .edu links. Jerry got powerful 100/100 incoming links from sites like LOC.gov (The U.S. Library of Congress) and so many others. The bought as well as built a powerful long-tail content portfolio and earned low seven figure top line revenue (including over $5,000 per month in Amazon Affiliate) until the site’s sale at the end of 2019 to JRW Publications. 

 About  90210seo.com
  • 90210SEO.com was founded by online publisher, digital marketer and entrepreneur Jerry Del Colliano, in Beverly Hills. Jerry was frustrated at the poor results that he was getting in the early 2000s from local, high-powered SEO firms charging $4,000 to $5,000 or more per month.
  • Jerry and his team only take on no more than a handful of SEO clients at any given time.
  • 90210SEO.com doesn’t outsource our work to other, low-cost nations. We do have some resources in the U.K. that are very valuable, but the SEO work we do is mainly done right here in the United States.
  • We have built two groups of consumer electronics online publications that were industry leaders and SEO killers. AVRev.com and ModernHomeTheater.com were sold in February of 2008 to Internet Brands (INET on the NASDAQ at the time), with HomeTheaterReview.com and AudiophileReview.com being sold in December of 2019 to JRW Publications. Both sites have resulted in significant, seven-figure acquisitions, thus are the ultimate “proof of concept” for our digital marketing work.
  • Today, 90210SEO.com’s founder has built yet another industry-leading audio-video magazine with FutureAudiophile.com which represents the absolute state-of-the-art SEO techniques in the modern era of digital marketing. 

SEO Tips and Advice


  • SEO takes time, effort, patience and money.
  • Run (don’t walk) away from any firm or person promising you quick solutions or guaranteeing you No. 1 organic positions on Google. In the real world, it doesn’t really work that way.
  • SEO campaigns don’t have to last forever or have a never-ending monthly cost. We have clients who have worked with us for three, six or 12 months, as well as clients who have been getting our help every month for years on end. It just depends on the project, the client’s budget and the results.

We have plans that span 90 days and that cost as little as $2,500, all-in. This is a great place for those who’ve never done SEO before, as we teach a lot of the best practices of SEO, which makes our clients much more informed.

Our more advanced campaigns range from $1,000 to $5,000-plus per month. Cost increase is based on how much of the manual SEO labor that the client needs us to do. We can do it all for you, it just costs more than the entry-level project.

Call us at 310.860.9988 or email us with some details about your project.

We can’t wait to hear from you.

Jerry Del Colliano