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Not all search engine optimization companies are created equally. We know this because in creating (and ultimately selling) two of the most successful online magazines about specialty audio-video - we’ve hired more than our fair share of SEO firms. Respectfully, most of them outright stink.

90210 SEO learned the art and science of search engine optimization from the best including the late Ted Ulle (tedster from webmasterworld.com) and link-building guru, Eric Ward, AKA “Link Moses”. We use non-outsourced, fully while hat techniques and strategies to help your web property gain meaningful traffic and ranking.

For years, our main SEO objectives were to have our consumer electronics publications (AVRev.com, HomeTheaterReview.com, AudiophileReview.com) compete with other online players owned by multi-billion dollar, global publishing companies. And in each case, our properties won out. In the end, each of the sites were sold for millions of dollars as industry and category leaders.

We don’t take on many outside SEO projects but when we nearly always take our clients to the top of their stated, organic search goals. For example, we helped the king of Malibu real estate go from a third page SERP for “Malibu Real Estate Agent” to number one organically. If one personal calls ever with a listing in Malibu, every penny of SEO money invested in paid for ten times over - if not more. We had similar results with Jade Mills, one of the most powerful agents in the ultra-competitive Beverly Hills real estate market. Years after both Chris and Jade’s SEO campaigns have ended, they enjoy top organic positions on Google for their most sought after search terms. 

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Jerry Del Colliano - PresidentIf you would like to talk about SEO with us - call 310.860.9988 or email Jerry Del Colliano. We would love to hear about your project and how we can help you reach your SEO goals.

Quick Facts

90210 SEO is boutique firm. We don't charge five-figure agency rates per month, but we don't work for $1,000 per month SEO fees either.

Here are some facts about us: